Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Fabulousity of Natural Hair

And now, the award for the most vibrant, beautiful, and eclectic southern city goes to, drum roll   please...........Atlanta!

Well at least that's my opinion :)

OK, so if you've been keeping tabs, you can clearly see how much I loves me some Atlanta, but one of the things I love even more than the A is naturally curly hair. Why? Because,with curl patterns ranging from loosely flowing silky waves to  tightly coiled super soft tresses that resemble fluffy clouds, naturally textured hair can be just as vibrant, beautiful and diverse as my beloved home town.

So, just in case you've been sleeping and are completely oblivious to the fabulousity of natural hair (yes I said fabulousity), or maybe you just need a little natural inspiration, either way, I included a few pics below for your viewing pleasure!

Knit Hat - Unknown brand
Cotton Midrift T - H&M
Aztec Print Shorts - Forever21
Heels - Bakers
Knite Hobo Bag - Unknown Brand
(Entire Outfit Thrifted)