Sunday, August 11, 2013

Right On Target!


It's School time again here in the ATL! So me, my hubby, and the kids headed out to do some last minute school shopping. I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for a good deal. In my household, most of our shopping is done via thrifting, but occasionally we treat ourselves with a few items from the department the rich folk. Lol! Today we took a trip to  do just that! By the way, did i mention that I have 5 kids? Well now you know!

(Please ignore the date time sticker on the pics..its incorrect and forgot to take it off)

 These are my furious five! From left to right there's : Nathan The Gamer (10), Aria The Artist (11), Chase The Prankster (8), Lenora The Superstar (13), and last but not least Amani The Athletic WildChild (9).







Whew, and we're done! Thank you, Target, for making our shopping experience a pleasure! The countdown till the first day of school begins, and I'm so much more excited than the kids...Lol!