Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Co-Wash, Huh?

Co-Wash, ever heard of it? Well when I first went natural, I had no clue, and if someone would have explained the concept to me at that time, I would have thought they were completely misguided. Wash my hair without shampoo? That's just not how I was raised. According to my upbringing, soapy foam equaled clean, and that was that. No wonder my hair used to feel like a Brillo pad... Lol! Like I've said before, it took me a while to get the hang of this natural thing.

Fast forward, and now, I can't imagine life without my beloved weekly Co-Washes! As a matter of fact, I don't know how any curly girl could manage without Co-Washing! The benefits of the procedure are just too important for the health of our texture of hair. Personally, after I began Co-Washing regularly, I noticed a difference in my hair right away. It had less tangles and breakage, felt softer, and my curls looked shinier and more defined.

So what is Co-Washing? It's just washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo.

Why would anyone want to do this? Because shampoo strips the hair of natural oils produced by glands in the scalp. Co-Washing removes build up and debris but leaves the hair and scalp moisturized and  hydrated.

Should I discard my shampoo? I wouldn't. Shampoo can still be used sparingly to remove extreme build-up on the hair. Because Co-Washing does not rob the hair of natural oils, these oils can still build up over time and make the hair feel sticky. This happens to me about once a month.  

Is Co-Washing only for Curlies? Absolutely not! If your hair is strait, permed, wavy, relaxed, it doesn't matter. All hair textures can reap the benefits of Co-Washing.

So, I hope all this info was helpful. Trust me, if you have a problem with dryness, tangles or if your hair lacks luster, implementing Co-Washing into your haircare routine will  change your life!

To further enhance your Co-Washing experience, below I included a  Co-Washing YouTube tutorial that helped me when I first began. Enjoy! (P.S. This Chica's hair is gorgeous!)