Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Ahhh, Sunday. For me it's a day of relaxation and reflection. It is a day where I take time to assess my previous week, my strengths and weaknesses, and prepare my mind for the week to come. Also, in my household, Sunday is a day of fun, a free day.....a day where we let go of all our inhibitions and just enjoy each others company!

Since Piedmont Park is one of our favorite places in Atlanta to relax, relate, and release, we decided to make it the destination of our recent Sunday family outing.  Boy did we have a ball!

Blue Sweater Tank - Banana Republic
Aztec print high-low Skirt - Target
Leather Woven Sandals - Jessica Simpson


My hubby is always making fun of how I pose. So this is his interpretation of me. Really babe, really...Lol!





 Well, that's how we spent our Sunday! How did you spend yours?