Soul Fro Real

Good Day Ladies and Gents! I must admit that I was feeling a little 1960ish today, so I decided to rock a big funky fro! I mean, in my opinion, no other hair style is wilder, sexier, or free-er than the Afro, and since I feel that every person deserves to feel like a rebel at some point in their lives, I took it upon myself to include a step by step guide on how to achieve an awesome chunky curly fro!

Step 1. Wash and condition or Co Wash hair if needed to ensure that hair is free from buildup, dirt and debris. I Co Washed using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Conditioner which includes avocado oil, olive oil, and Shea butter. This was my first time using this brand and I was very surprised at how thick it was! I do prefer brands that do not have weird unnatural ingredients and unfortunately this one does, but for the 4. 95 price tag it worked very well. Afterwards, my hair felt very soft and moisturized.

Step 2. Moisturize hair with product of choice and then separate hair into sections to reduce tangling. I Moisturized using my favorite oil, coconut.

Step 3. Take about 1 square inch of hair and coat the section with a dime size amount of your favorite styling butter or cream. I used Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Pudding. Again, very conveniently priced (5.95) and it smells heavenly!

Step 4. Braid the 1 inch section of hair half way down and then roll up using perm rod size of your choice. I used various sizes. Remember, the smaller the rod, the tighter the curl.

Step 5. After entire head is rolled, sit under hair dryer until hair is dry. I sat for about 1 hr and 15 min.

Step 6. After hair has completely dried, remove rollers, and unravel braids.

Step 7. Finally, Fluff with fingers and there you have it! Viola! Magic!

Aztec Print Top - H&M
Coral Banded Skirt - Forever 21
Black Leather Fringe Purse - Unknown Brand
Heels - Nine West
(Entire Outfit Thrifted)


Cherry Curl signing out.... Wishing you Love, Peace and Afros!


Let's Twist and Shout!

The World Wide Web is flooded with tutorials that give instructions on how to achieve a fabulous Twist-Out , and I've viewed my fair share, but let me tell you, watching and accomplishing are two different things..Lol! It definitely took me more than a few tries before I got it, and I'm still tweaking my Twist-Out technique.

For me, a perfect Twist-Out begins with healthy moisturized hair and a well balanced cut. Next, it's all about choosing the right twisting pomade or butter. For example, some products can be too oily or heavy and leave the hair greasy or sticky, resulting in a Twist-Out that lacks body and luster. On the other hand, when you're dealing with a product that is too light, your Twist-Out will most likely lack definition and turn out puffy or frizzy. Unfortunately, trail and error is the only process that will reveal what works best for you.

With all that being said, I'll repeat and emphasize that all the YouTube videos in the world won't help you avoid trial and error. Practice makes perfect!

Check out my Twist-Out routine below:



Step 1. Start out with clean moisturized hair. I Co-washed with Ganier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner, and I moisturized with Coconut oil.


 Step 2. Take a 1 inch section of hair , coat with a dime sized amount of twisting butter, and then twist the hair. Do this until the entire head is twisted. I used Beautiful textures Curl Defining pudding. I added small curlers to my hair in certain areas where I wanted to enhance the curl pattern.

Step 3. Sit under dryer until twists are dry. I sat for about 45 min.

Step 4. Remove twist and curlers after hair is completely dry.

Step 5. Undo each individual twist and gently fluff hair with fingers and....Your Done!
Now y'all know I couldn't just let this Fab Twist-out go to waste. Quick change and then.....Photo Shoot! Lol!

Silver sweater tank -H&M
Jeggings - H&M
Silver Heels -Unknown Brand
(Entire Outfit Thrifted)