Monday, August 5, 2013

Naturally Me

Floral Blouse - Forever 21
White shorts - American Eagle
Strappy Sandals - NineWest
Black leather purse - Coach
(Entire outfit thrifted)
My fascination with natural hair began years ago when I was just a youngin'. Oh was the early 90's and the fried, dyed, layed to the side look was in, and I too was hooked on the creamy crack. However, there came a period of time when my finances grew scarce, and as a result, a sista had to prioritize. One of the first luxuries to be eliminated were my monthly visits to the salon. At the time, I thought my life was completely over, but consequently, I came to realize that my financial hardship was just a blessing in disguise.

As weeks passed, and the contrast between my thick roots and the thin, relaxed ends of my hair became more and more apparent, I began to appreciate my natural texture. I played with the idea of going natural for a few months and eventually, I built up the courage to Big Chop.

I have to admit that It took a while for me to get the hang of this being natural thing, but after watching hundreds of YouTube videos and reading tons of blogs on how to care and style natural hair  and  after many failed attempts, I finally feel at one with my natural!

I've included the pics below to kinda give you an idea of my natural hair journey over the years. It has been interesting to say the least.

This was me at 15. Please don't ask what I was! As you can tell, this was my Toni Braxton moment. Freshly permed you couldn't tell me nothin!

My first Big Chop! I was about 16 and this was from a photo shoot that I took for a singing group I was in. So

Me at 17. My hair grew out and I had no clue what to do with it so it was back to the perm. This pic was taken in California so I was attempting to do a WestSide gang!

I big chopped again! I was around 20 in this pic. That's my oldest daughter Lenora and my second oldest, Aria was in my belly.

22 years old.  Back to the perm..SMH!

My Final big Chop...I promise. Lol! This is my oldest daughter, Lenora, years later at 10!

Me Now! Curly and lovin it! No more big chops for me! Whew!