Thursday, August 8, 2013

Confessions Of A Music Freak

Hello, my name is Cherry Curl and I must confess that I am a Music Freak. Please don't grant me your sympathies, for it is a disease from which I seek no cure nor solace. I am simply to far gone!  I need no electronic devices: mp3, radio, nor Ipod. Music speaks to me in my dreams, and I hear it when I wake up each morning. My brain contains storages of many musical genres and play lists from which I freely choose my personal soundtrack during each daily task: cooking, cleaning, shopping and the list goes on.

Coincidentally, I reside in the music capital of the south, Atlanta GA, the city from which so many musical talents are bred. Ironically, "The Art of Story Telling Part 4," the song playing in my head at this very moment as I create this blog entry, just so happens to be by one of the ATL's finest rappers, the legendary Andre 3000!

So, If you like rap and you've never had the chance to listen to this lyrical genius, then your ears have been undeniably deprived and it is of desperate necessity that you click on the video below to experience the pure POW that is Andre! If you are fully acquainted with Mr. 3000 then click on the vid anyway, you'll thank me  (PS: Andre has the 1st verse)

Since It has been rumored that Andre will be playing the awesome Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming movie, I thought it would be totally fun and convenient for me to do a photo session as a tribute to them both!
Cream Knitted dress/shirt - H&M
Tan Sandals - Steve Madden
3 String Guitar - Priceless lol!

 What do you think? Did I do a good job at channeling the late Jimi?