Friday, August 30, 2013

HairGazm Friday!!!!

Time to turn it up with HairGazm Friday!!!! Oh yeah, It's gonna be a Hot One, and since we aim to please here on Naturally Atlanta , we promise that we won't stop giving you big, stimulating, sexy hair till you explode with pleasure! 

So, if you like what you see, and I'm sure you will, come back and visit us each and every Friday for more sizzling hot Natural-Hair Inspiration!








Oooo, Ahhhh, Ohhhh..... Speechless!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Green With Envy

[en-vee]  noun, plural en·vies, verb, en·vied, en·vy·ing.
1.  a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions, ect.  
 Have you ever coveted the curls of another?  Ever experience  feelings of discontentment (feelings of dissatisfaction with ones self), or felt that your hair texture just wasn't good enough: too kinky, too coily, or too whatever? Have you ever said to yourself "If only I had her hair." Well, If this true then,  most likely you've previously suffered from a case of Hair Envy.

Don't feel bad. You're not alone. Personally, I've been guilty of Hair Envy a countless number of times, especially during my early big-chop stages. Yeah, I've stood there in the mirror finger coiling my TWA and left the house feeling myself only until I crossed the path of that girl with the perfect hair. Yes, that girl, with the thick, lustrous ,long tresses; who's hair seemingly curls with no effort  and blows in the wind  as light as a feather. Sadly, each and every time I crossed the path of that girl, It  reminded me that all the finger coiling in the world wouldn't make my 3c kinky curls pop like her's. No amount of product I used could mimic her natural shine and luster, and It would be years before my hair reached her length. 

Unfortunately, this envious mindset blinded me from seeing the beauty of my own texture and as a result, I found myself chasing after a standard I could never reach, while all along neglecting my own crowing glory. Little did I know that a twist of fate would change the way I saw things forever.  

See, not only did I envy the girl with the perfect curly hair but I also envied the chic with the flawless strait hair .  I wanted it all, and this consequently left me feeling like I was trapped on a never ending ferris wheel of dissatisfaction. My routine went like this, one day I'd wear my hair curly until I got tired of looking like a poodle, and then a few days later I'd singe my poor curls with the flat iron on the highest heat setting to get it as bone-strait as possible. I continued this madness until one day the unthinkable happened. I washed my hair, and to my dismay, there was not a single curl in sight! The ends of my hair just hung there limp, lifeless, and wirey. I was devastated! I tried everything: protein treatments, hot oil, deep conditioning, but none of it made any difference. It was as if my hair was rejecting me because I had rejected  and neglected it for so long.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. I eventually discovered that my problem was heat damage and that the only solution was to chop off the damaged ends of my hair and start all over again. It is an understatement to say that the whole ordeal was a total nightmare, but it taught me an age old valuable lesson  "sometimes you don't good thing till it's gone."
It has been several months since my tragic hair disaster and I'm happy to report that my curls are back! It required a lot of time and TLC on my part, but it was all well worth it!  My hair is healthier than it has ever been ,and my eyes are no longer blind to just how beautiful my precious 3c curls really are! Futhermore, it   brings me pleasure to inform that my days of hair envying are over! Yes, whenever I cross the path of that girl with the springy, silky curls, I still stare in admiration, but I no longer feel intimidated, because I've grown to appreciate the unique qualities of all hair textures, including my own. Besides, nobody can rock my hair like I can Hunnay!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Naturally Melanie Bella Brooks

What's Crack-A-Lackin Atlanta! Well, Personally I'm on the edge of my seat with excitement, because today I get to interview the gorgeous Ms. Melanie Bella Brooks! With that being said, let's get right down to it, because I feel that we could all learn a thing or two from this Natural Hair Guru!
Cherry Curl: Ms. Brooks, will you please let the world know what city you rep.
Melanie:  Atlanta GA, All day!
Cherry Curl: (laughs) I never get tired of hearing that.
Cherry Curl: OK, so, how long have you been natural?
Melanie: My last relaxer was December 2009

Cherry Curl: Did you Big Chop or were you a Transitioner?
Melanie: I transitioned for a very long time. I was prepared to be a long term transitioner to avoid cutting my hair. However, in 2010 a stylist involuntarily gave me a partial big chop which shortened my transition. I officially remember finally having little to no relaxed ends by the end of 2011.

Cherry Curl: Melanie, could you please give us an overview of your haircare routine, because we would all love to know how you've achieved and continue to maintain that lovely, thick lioness mane of your's?

Melanie: Now that Ive been natural for a few years, I have tried to keep it simple. I used to be a product junkie, but now I just stick to what works. The key in my regimen is to cleanse, condition, strengthen, moisturize, and define. For shampoos, when wearing my hair natural, I stick to Shea Moisture Curl and Shine and when my hair is straightened, I use a gentle sulfate shampoo like Beautiful Textures or Tresemme Naturals. My favorite conditioners are Organic Root Stimulator Deep Conditioner, Everyday Coconut Conditioner, and Traders Joes Tea Tree Conditioner. I love using natural items for deep conditioners. Alot of the time, I use eggs for strengthening, yogurt for dry scalp, and honey for moisture. For styling, I use Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie, Eco Styler Gel and Coconut Oil to seal. My favorite oils are: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Argan Oil.

Cherry Curl: OK ladies, are you taking notes, because I am...Lol!
Cherry Curl: Not to long ago, here on Naturally Atlanta we discussed the importance of Protective Styles, so Melanie, please tell us what are some of your favorite protective styles?
Melanie:  From April to October, every year, I go with NO HEAT. During this time, I have fun with wigs, braids, buns, and up dos. It gives me a chance to give my hair a break. Alot of the time, Ill condition my hair, cornrow it, then wear a wig for about 2 weeks. I notice I retain length when I contain my hair and don't let it out for a few weeks.

Cherry Curl: What do you love most about being natural?
Melanie: VERSATILITY. I have realized that my natural hair has just become an extension of my style. I feel like I stand out more and that natural hair tends to make you more unique because no one will ever have your exact hair texture in comparison to just straight relaxed hair. Ive always been someone who likes to dress boldly, sharp, and overall different so, natural hair gives me the freedom to try out funky styles that I couldn't do on relaxed limp hair. When I was relaxed I was always the girl that wore the same hairstyle all the time. I didn't start getting creative with my hair until I went natural, ironically. Most important, I love being natural because of the health aspect. Going natural was the choice to refuse to put toxic chemicals on my scalp every month all for cosmetic appeal. "Going natural" encourages me to go natural in all aspects.
Cherry Curl: Wow, what you said is really inspirational, and I have to say that I can totally relate.
Cherry Curl: Well Melanie, it has definitely been a pleasure learning from you, is there anything more that you would like to add, pertaining to how you keep your  hair so healthy, shiney, and soft... ect. ?
Melanie: I think the key for me is what goes on internally. I notice when I take my vitamins religiously and watch what I eat and drink my hair has an internal shine. Ive realized there is no oil I can ever find that can give me the shine that vitamins and proper diet do. Some of the vitamins I have used are Hairfinity; Hair, Skin, and Nails, and A Daily Multi-Vitamin.

Cherry Curl: Thank you so much Melanie for your time and letting us in on all of your secrets! Everyone, please  check out my girl Melanie @theefairytail on YTUBE and IG!
It just goes to show that you never know how much time and effort goes into achieving a head full of beautiful, healthy hair! As you can see, there's no miracle potion or quick fix. The effort you put into it, determines what you get out of it!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Remember, True Beauty Comes From Within!

Being a woman of color, it makes me happy to see more and more people embracing the aspects about themselves and various other cultures that make each of us unique and special. This is why I love the whole natural-hair movement and seeing women of all colors rocking their natural texture. It doesn't matter to me whether your hair is strait, wavy, curly or kinky it's all beautiful in my eyes.

With that being said, yes, I think it is totally awesome how many of us have learned to appreciate and celebrate the differences of each other's outer appearance, however, I feel that it is even better for us remember that true beauty radiates from within.

Yes, real beauty comes from inside us, and this principal reigns true in the spiritual spectrum as well as specifically pertaining to the health of our hair.  This is why we must pay more attention to what we put into our bodies than what we put on our hair. Many times when we experience problems such as hair loss,lack of moisture, and breakage, we search for  topical solutions not realizing that putting things on our hair will only render temporary results.  Ultimately, it is the nutrients that we feed our bodies that will determine the health of our strands.

Since eating fruits and veggies is the best way to get the vitamins needed for healthy growing hair and beautiful skin, I decided to restock my supply by taking a trip to my favorite grocer, The Dekalb Farmer's market also known as Atlanta's International Farmer's Market! I assure you that this place has the most diverse inventory of produce than any other store I've ever been to, furthermore,  the prices are amazing. The market also boasts a massive spice section; a bakery full of  delicious breads and many other pastries that are baked fresh each day using organic ingredients; they also have a meat and seafood section with live fresh fish,lobster and crab.....and I could go on and on! 

 I posted a few pics of my outing below, but they hardly do this place justice...You simply have to experience it for yourself!


My hubby acting silly as always.

This place is crazy big! After doing research I found out that its over 140,000 square feet inside!

This is a beautiful Curlie Girlie shopping with her cute son that I met while going down one of the isles.

Her curls were so beautiful I had to snap a pic!

I know you can't tell by my expression but I was really excited to fill my buggy with so many yummy fruits and veggies, and even more excited to get home and juice me up a big glass of them!  

Friday, August 23, 2013

HairGazm Friday!!!!

TGIF baby!
Oh yeah, it's that time again Atlanta! Time to free your mind from all the problems of the week. So, get in the massage chair and let Naturally Atlanta touch you in all the right spots with HairGazm Fridays!  

Just as I promised, each and every Friday, Naturally Atlanta will feature some of the sexiest, hottest and most satisfying Natural-Hair inspiration photos that are sure to "get you off" to a good start for the weekend!

So get ready, beacause this week the hair is Big, so the Gazm is sure to be oh, oh, oh so good!





I don't know about you, but if i smoked, I'd need a cig right about now!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's talk protective styling!

Earlier, I sat thinking to myself, "What should I blog about today?"  Clueless, I stepped away from the computer to take a quick restroom break.  Afterwards, as  I stared in the mirror washing my hands, I suddenly realized that  the answer to my question was sitting there right on top of my head! In that very moment, my fabulous turban became the inspiration for today's topic, Protective Styling!

A protective style is a  styling option that relieves our strands from the stress of day to day manipulation. Many of us don't realize just how much wear and tear our hair undergoes during the course of the week due to daily styling. After multiple sessions of washing,  combing, brushing, twisting, braiding and unbraiding, it is detrimental to health of our hair to give our tresses a break periodically.
The great thing about protective styling is that there are so many options to choose from. Depending on how much time you're willing to invest, the style you choose can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be.  Personally, I love channeling my inner turbanista when I'm on the go,  because it's quick and easy. 
If you need help choosing your next protective style, I got you covered. Here are a few styles that I think you'll find simply stunning.