Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Silk and lace dress - Forever21
Ponyhair leopord print heels - Steve Madden
(Entire Outfit Thrifted)
What it do people! As for me, all is well in the ATL, but I have to admit that all this rain has me yearning for some sunshine.  Speaking of sunshine, did anyone catch that Jill Scott concert last week! The skies were overcast, however Ms. Scott certainly did not fail to enlighten her audience with her  glorious presence! That voice, those lyrics, that smile would brighten up any gloomy day. Backed up by Georgia's own Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, she belted out popular songs such as: He Loves Me, Is It the Way, Insomnia, Long Walk, Golden and many more! From the moment she stepped on stage it was as magic! As Her strong soulful voice carried throughout Chastain Amphitheater like rolling thunder,   the crowd lingered on her every word.

I remember being first introduced to Jill back in high school. As me and my girlfriends vibed to her Words and Sounds volume 1 album, I  can still vividly recall how  much we were moved and inspired to find that special someone with whom we could also "Take a long walk... around the park... after dark." Yes, even back then Ms. Jill had me feeling some type of way, and after all these years her sound has remained just as authentic and genuine.

Below are some pics of the concert! And yes, Ms. Scott turnt it all the way up!