Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yvie is Naturally Fierce!


CherryCurl:  What inspires your style?

Yvie: My style is inspired by art. I love different textures, silhouettes, graffiti, color, prints and stand out pieces. Right now I'm kind of going through a style transition. I'm becoming more playful, experimental, and "grown up". I'm really transitioning from being the girl who wears lots of "cute" clothes to the girl who has fierce style. The key for me is to have a style that can incorporate trends, runway, high, low and everyday pieces into a staple look that automatically says "Yvie" when you see it.

hot pink floral backless romper - aquamarine heel less Breckelle wedgesCherryCurl: How do you keep your hair looking fierce?

Yvie: My hair... well I LOVE big hair. Maybe because I am a Leo, so my hair is like my mane. I kind of switch up my routines whenever I change my hair, so since I just recently changed my hair color, I'll just break down my current routine and the products I use:
Every weekend I do a hot oil treatment either with coconut oil or olive oil on dry, unwashed hair by sitting under the overhead dryer with a plastic cap for 20-25 minutes. Then I wash and condition with the Kinky Curly Shampoo and detangling leave-in conditioner. I dry my hair with an old t-shirt (towels cause split ends) till it's a little more than damp and then apply a deep conditioner by Cantu and add one of the oils on top and sit under the overhead dryer again for 20-30 minutes. I don't rinse it out because this one can either be left in or rinsed out. Then I just twist my hair up and put on my satin bonnet. If I go out, I'll wrap a turban over my bonnet so my hair is protected all day.
I usually steam my hair in the shower every night by not wearing a shower cap and leaving my hair out. This is how my hair stays moisturized over night. About mid-week, I'll use Giovanni's Leave- in Conditioner if needed. That conditioner really defines my curls so it's my go-to for all my "out" styles. I'll usually lightly spray water on my hair every morning before styling.

I sleep on satin pillow cases and I wear a satin bonnet infused with coconut oil and that's pretty much it.

crimson leather trim skirt - heather gray worn as a shirt H&M dress

CherryCurl: Wow, alot of people just don't understand how much time and patience it takes to care for curly hair!

Well, I've told you before that I personally think you are stunning!  Could you please tell all of our followers' here on Naturally Atlanta how/where we can see more of your Fabulous Style.

Yvie: You can find me on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Chictopia, and Lookbook. You can find the links to all my social networks on my blog http://www.makeupyourrunway.com/.

gold H&M blazer - blue jeans - ivory H&M shirt - ivory heels

I try to offer different things on each network so people get a different experience from each. I strongly suggest people like my FB page and follow me on IG and Youtube because I have so many things planned for those accounts. Plus, I offer style tips and make-up tutorials (and eventually hair tutorials) on Youtube and IG.

white leopard print H&M blazer

CherryCurl: Thank you so much Yvie for your time and being such a fashion inspiration!