Thursday, September 5, 2013

AfroPunk! Hells Yeah!

 Alright, so I know I'm always bragging about how great Atlanta is and how much I love it, but even I have to admit that the city of New York temporarily surpassed A Town splendor with it's annual AfroPunk Festival. Yes, all eyes were on The Big Apple this past week as the streets of Brooklyn were over taken by some of America's most creative Afrocentric punk rockers.

To give you some history, the festival was created 9 years ago with the purpose of carving out an arena for multicultural youth to express their love for Rock N Roll music without being boxed in by the stereotypes of society (I love it!).  Since then, AfroPunk has grown to become the 2nd largest music festival in Brooklyn New York, but the fest hasn't always been this popular. According to Matthew Morgan and James Spooner, the founders of AfroPunk,  they used to be singled out as the  "Weird Black People"  when they first began hosting the AfroPunk themed gatherings which featured mostly unknown underground rock bands. 

But much has changed since the festival's humble beginnings, and now its not uncommon for famous artist such as Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Gym Class Heroes, The Roots, and Jada Picket Smith's band Wicked Wisdom to frequently make appearances.

It totally sucks that I wasn't able to turn up at AfroPunk this year, but  I can certainly assure you that I was there in spirit, and I am definitely going to make plans to attend next years celebration.  Furthermore, to show just how much I'm diggin the whole AfroPunk movement, today I have decided to officially declare it AfroPunk Day here on Naturally Atlanta! Yes, it's time to bring AfroPunk  to the "A Town!" Seriously though, wouldn't that be awesome!

Ok, so I don't know if my look is exactly AfroPunk but I definitely felt Like a rockstar..Lol 
Here's some more pics from the actual festival...Enjoy!